Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sudanese Skin

Giles Allison has just painted some Beja


and was wondering about skin tone and lip colour. Here is a current inhabitant of Suakin as a guide: more like the riverine Nile tribesmen. Definitely Humbrol 186!

Had lunch with some government officials from Egypt today. Their skin tone varied from Mediterranean to the sort of colour seen above. May have to go to Cairo again soon. I enjoy sending e-mails from Lord Kitchener's desk (now the British Ambassador's desk) and having breakfast in the room in which Kitchener used to plan his campaigns in what is now the Ambassador's residence (his staff do a fabulous breakfast!)

The Beja are still fighting in the Sudan. This recent picture could have been taken a hundred years ago except for the AK 47s. Note the sword, almost identical to those used in the 1880s and 1890s.

A contempory Beja warrior

The Beja still use their famous white camels.

Beja women are gorgeous!

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Giles said...

Where do you find these excellent photos?! Very interesting - lip the same colour as everything else then? I suppose the neext question is whether one should paint the palms of the hands a lighter shade.....perhaps I won't worry about that one!