Thursday, April 26, 2007

British Expeditionary Force Sudan 1884: Historical organisation

This is the British force I have decided to build first. Most of the troops can be used for later in the campaign too.

General Sir Gerald Graham VC

This was the force commanded by General Sir Gerald Graham for the battles of El Teb and Tamai (with approximate numbers).

Major General Sir Redvers Buller VC

1st Infantry Brigade - Major General Sir Redvers Buller

1st Battalion 75th Regiment (Gordon Highlanders) 712
3rd Battalion 60th Regiment (King's Royal Rifle Corps) 565
2nd Battalion 89th Regiment (Royal Irish Fusiliers) 343

26 Company Royal Engineers 62

6/1 Scottish Division Royal Artillery 7 pdr screw guns 150

2nd Infantry Brigade - Major General John Davis

1st Battalion 42nd Regiment (Royal Highlanders - the Black Watch) 623
Ist Battalion 65th Regiment (Yorks and Lancs) 435
Royal Marine Light Infantry 478

Naval Brigade 3 Gatlings, 3 Gardner guns 150
26 Company Royal Engineers 100

M/1 Royal Artillery 2 6cwt and 2 8cwt Naval guns on field carriages 126

Major General Sir Herbert Stewart

Cavalry Brigade - Major General Sir Herbert Stewart

10th Hussars 251
19th Hussars 362

Mounted Infantry 124

Abyssinian Mounted Scouts 100

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