Sunday, May 13, 2007

Beja Swordsmen

These are the first Beja I have finished for six months. Pretty rapid paint job as I have hundreds to do! I can't understand why these swordsmen don't have scabbards!

Next I'll do some more riflemen. A couple of people on The Miniatures Page have said that rather than doing seperate units of riflemen as TSATF rules suggest, they just add 4 or 5 to each normal band of warriors. This sounds like a good idea and makes it easier to deal with the 1 in 4 riflemen to warrior ratio. So I will add 5 riflemen to every warrior unit. I reckon if I paint 4 more riflemen I will have 2 full units of Beja.


Giles said...

Very nice! They are quite fun to paint these figures, aren't they, although the prospect of painting a couple of hundred in rather daunting (not to mention storing them all). I'm going to try to paint at least 1 pack a month...pretty meagre by your standard!


legatus hedlius said...

Ah but yours will be works of art!