Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Paddle Boat

Here is a better photo of my paddleboat, as requested. This was made for Darkest Africa games but it's not quite finished. Maybe I will get it done now.

It was built using the Gary Chalk instructions from Wargames Illustrated (above) but I thought his was a bit short so I have lengthened it a little and added a few details like steps and lifebelts which I got from a model boat shop. I'd never done a modelling project like this before so it was a tribute to his instructions that mine turned out OK!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Beja Shields 2

Here are some more pictures of Beja shields. They were reportedly made from elephant, rhino or crocodile hide. But, as one of my sources points out, rhinos are not that common in the Sudan and also postulates giraffe or simple cow hide. Whatever, a plainer approach to painting is called for.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Beja Shields

Finished three more figures today. Two more riflemen for my fourth unit of Beja, who will be an ambush type unit in crouching poses, and another camel mounted tribesman.

Decided to do the shield on this one differently. I had been copying the painted ones on the Peryy website which had a sort of star effect on them. Real Beja shields were more uniform in colour however. I think I overdid the contrast on this one so will tone it down for the next ones.

I have now based another nine infantry which will finish my third unit of Beja. I have now painted 53 infantry, 3 camels and the command group. Not bad progress.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Three more Naval Brigade sailors

I've been away all week in Scandinavia so haven't had any time for painting but I did finish these three sailors today who now join the one on the left that I had already done. Except now I look at them I notice I haven't done the ships name (or at least an impression of it!) on their hat bands. A job for morning light I think! I'm glad there weren't more Naval Brigade troops in the Sudan as they are right fiddly to paint!

The ship in the background is my Darkest Africa paddleboat; an extended version (I thought his original was a bit short!) I made from the the Gary Chalk plans from Wargames Illustrated a few years ago. It's still not finished as it needs its rear canopy and a few other details.