Sunday, October 22, 2006

Some more progress

Although I am spending quite a lot of time on my new Crusader Punic Romans I am still working on the large group of Beja on the workbench. I have now put sand on all the bases and painted the black parts on most of the figures. I am going to the USA tomorrow for 10 days so won't get anything done.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

First camel troops

These are the first camel mounted troops. I am going for one yellowy camel and two pale "white" ones. They are very large models standing nearly two and a half inches high. They should look good in a group. I have three more ready to be filed and based, which I bought at Colours in September.

More riflemen

These are the next 12 riflemen under way. I have six already completed but this means I will have to buy another pack to finish them to make a 20 man unit.

The next batch

I have started on the next group of Beja Swordsmen. They are painted with Humbol 186 and this pot is rather lighter than the previous ones I have used. It will give some nice skin tone variety when I mix them in with the existing ones.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Organisation of Beja Foot

This is the organisation of my first group of Beja according to The Sword and the Flame rules. Each band is 19 figures plus a leader known as a sheikh.

Three tribes make a larger force called a tribe that require a mounted Emir to lead them. I am making one of the three tribes armed with rifles, even though you are only supposed to have one in four units with rifles. I can deal with this when I paint my first unit of Nile Spearmen.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


These are the six riflemen I have painted so far. The Sword and the Flame allows you one unit of riflemen per three sword and spear units. Annoyingly the figures come in packs of six so I am going to have to get excess to finish the unit. I already have six more underway.
Swordsmen and Spearmen

Here are the 30 figures I have finished so far; I need to paint another 10 to finish the second unit. A good many of these were painted over the summer holidays in Cowes.

The animation of these figures is some of the nicest I have seen on any figures anywhere and so I forgive them the occasional roughness in texture in places.
Concentrating on Beja

I have decided to experiment with just painting one type of figure for a bit. I have put everything else back in their boxes and am planning to paint just Perry Beja tribesmen for three weeks. I did this over the summer holiday and got on quite well so I am hoping to be able to do this again. This is my first unit for The Sword and the Flame rules-20 figures; quite manageable.