Friday, April 27, 2007

Uniforms: First British Expeditionary Force Feb-Mar 1884: Ist Infantry Brigade

These are what the different units wore for El Teb and Tamai. Pictures are scanned from the Miniature Wargames article by Michael Perry. An online version can be found on the Perry Miniatures Website. Look at the Sudan Extras page.
As I paint the relevant figures I will add pictures of them as well.

1st Infantry Brigade

1st Battalion 75th Regiment (Gordon Highlanders)

Wearing the grey uniforms specially devised for the campaign and their normal kilts. It is very difficult to get an idea of what shade of grey was used. I have seen it depicted as everything from a light blue-grey to quite a dark almost slate grey. I am going for a light battleship grey.

3rd Battalion 60th Regiment (King's Royal Rifle Corps)

Wearing the grey uniform with their normal black leather accoutrements and buttons. These should be the quickest figures to paint anyway!

2nd Battalion 89th Regiment (Royal Irish Fusiliers)

They had arrived from India so wore the India service khaki uniforms.

6/1 Scottish Division Royal Artillery

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