Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Paddle Boat

Here is a better photo of my paddleboat, as requested. This was made for Darkest Africa games but it's not quite finished. Maybe I will get it done now.

It was built using the Gary Chalk instructions from Wargames Illustrated (above) but I thought his was a bit short so I have lengthened it a little and added a few details like steps and lifebelts which I got from a model boat shop. I'd never done a modelling project like this before so it was a tribute to his instructions that mine turned out OK!


Anonymous said...

Good work on the modeling. Paddle boats add some interesting scenario possibilies.

How long did it take you to make it? I have been procrastinating on my steamboat project for about 2 years now...

David S
Minnesota, USA

legatus hedlius said...

I did it in about two weeks off and on and then have left if for three years without quite finishing it!

Nuno Cabe├žadas said...

Vey nice model. Hope to see it ready soon.

I also made a few boats, however I'm using 1/72 scale models and only now colonial figures are becoming available in this scale with some variety.

This is one of my boats, but the blog have several more models from the colonial era: