Thursday, April 26, 2007

Khartoum and Second el Teb

Having decided to re-start work on my Sudan figures I have just begun to read "Khartoum" by Michale Asher. This is a terrific book and I cannot imagine a better one being written for a very long time. Asher was a serving soldier (SAS) and also lived in the Sudan for ten years so has a very good feel for the people and locations.

I'm about a hundred pages in and have just read his tremendous account of second el Teb. This easily provides enough information to put together a wargames refight and as the battle involved quite small but diverse forces on the British side (Highlanders, Riflemen, Marines, Naval Brigade, Hussars, Khaki clad infantry etc.) I think I'll make it the model for my first British force. What I'll need to do next is get some sort on breakdown of troops involved and then try to convert them to wargames sized units. Then I'll try to work out the uniforms involved.

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