Sunday, July 29, 2007

First Rub completed

Here is my first completed Rub of 3 "bands" which, with the addition of a mounted emir, make a "tribe" in TSATF rules. Using a 1/33 ratio this would actually be more like two Rubs, as they numbered between 1,000 and 1,200 troops each. You'd have to drop to a 1/20 ratio to get a Rub to equals "tribe" in TSATF. That would mean Mahdist armies of 500 which is pushing it for individually based figures! I'll just have to live with the disconnect!

I painted the first figures last August so it has taken a year to paint them, althought I have painted a lot else in the mean time. More relevantly I have painted more than thirty figures since the beginning of May.


Anonymous said...

What color did you paint your drums for the Sudanese? I can't quite make it out, and I have yet to finish mine as I don't have any idea.

David S.
Minnesota USA

legatus hedlius said...

Mahdist drums were copper with skin covering so I used Humbrol Copper ( I only use enamels)