Sunday, December 09, 2007

Royal Marines Light infantry Officer

Despite a trip to the US last week I managed to finish the officer and two more men for the RLMI; so that is a third of them done.

Although the RLMI had white leather equipment in the Sudan the officer's revolvers holsters and belts were brown.

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Anonymous said...

Re the R.M.L.I. uniforms, this same uniform was worn at Suakim, according to an article on the Gordon Relief Expedition that appeared in Military Modeling. However, if my memory serves me, this order of dress included the brass helmet spike on this occasion. This was the first time the new gray tropical uniform was worn. Some other regiments wore the gray tunic with khaki trousers.

An interesting depiction of the battle of El Teb was done on a contemporary print by Bacon & Co., London. They also covered other battles in the Sudan.