Saturday, December 08, 2007

Gordons Arrived!!

I ordered these just before I left for California last week and they arrived whilst I was away.

There do seem to be an awful lot of them! I liked the NCO figures so much that I cut a stripe off one and made him into a lance corporal, just so I could put him in the unit. You are only allowed one NCO in TSATF but I didn't want to leave him out so, for gaming purposes, I will only count the sergeant.

There was quite a bit of flash on one set (well, a lot for the Perries, anyway) but I sat down and got them all filed and based whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing with the family (that Alesha Dixon is a fine looking woman, I must say).

Alesha Dixon: Even more attractive than a Perry Highlander!

And talking about gorgeous figures I love this officer holding up his helmet. This is the sort of figure the Perries do so well; oozing with character. I'm not going to put him in the unit, though, but am going to use him as a test figure for the tartan. I still need to finish the RMLI so mustn't start the Highlanders. I can start this one-off, however. And I am going to give him a red coat!


glynn said...

G'day mate. I came across your blog while searching for uniform colours for a NW frontier Highland piper I picked up at CanCon in Canberra last weekend. I have also seen you around, I think, on TMP.

Not sure if you've seen the range of British Colonial troops, including Highlanders, put out by

I have found them to be pretty good stuff.

Cheers, and thanks for all the info on your blog.

Procopius on TMP

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog! It has inspired me to revive my plans to rescue Gordon.

With regrad to painting Highlanders, have a look at this site for a guide to painting tartan: