Monday, April 28, 2008

Back painting Sudan again..

I have been painting all sorts of other stuff lately, especially a lot of Darkest Africa stuff, but my recent visit to Egypt has got me preparing some more Sudan figures again.

I currently have about 10 more Beja undercoated and ready to go and hope to get them done in the next two weeks. I have actually put the first paint on my initial four Highlanders and I have based another three Beja on camels.

I put in another order to the Perry brothers today (and resisted buying any plastic ACW!). I've ordered some more Beja on camels, which I want to convert to standard bearers. The ones with rifles look to be in the right sort of pose. I've also ordered another three packs of ordinary Beja to enable me to finish my next two units.

For the British, I have ordered the high command pack, as I think it is about time my army had a commander, and the screw gun set, to be the Scottish Royal Artillery contingent.
I'm quite enthused about getting on with them again!

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Anonymous said...

I greatly enjoy your blog, with all its photos and links. Please keep 'em coming. I also am interested in the Sudan and am enjoying putting together the opposing forces, just as you seem to be doing also.

Alan Croft
Dayton, OH