Sunday, April 29, 2007

Next British Figures

I made good progress on the Greeks today so could spare some time to file and base my next British figures. Latterly, I have started to try to paint complete units rather than odd groups of figures but in this case I had a couple of spare packs I could start work on stright away. I will have to order the figures to make up these units next week.

Firstly, I have a pack of the Naval Brigade figures. When cleaning these up this evening I realised how very good these Perry figures are. I can't wait to paint them!

Secondly, I have a pack of firing figures, to which I have added a spare officer and sergeant to begin my Kings Royal Rifles Corps unit. This was my Grandfather's regiment so I better paint them nicely! I think the firing figures are best for Riflemen so I may get the firing line pack next. The Sword and the Flame Rules make no use of musicians but there are some lovely drummer and bugle figures in the command packs so I may just have to replace a normal foot soldier with a musician.
I really need to make a desert base to photograph these figures against!

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