Monday, September 24, 2007

A little work on the blog..

Nothing new painted up but that doesn't mean I am not doing anything. I am currently working on the Kings Royal Rifle Corps and the last part of the Naval Brigade: the Gardner Gun. I visited Colours at Newbury and picked up enough figures to build the Royal Marines Light Infantry unit as well.

I also bought a few more Beja to be going along with. The problem is that I have had four weeks of the last five out of the country and it looks like I am off to Los Angeles on Friday. Added to this is the fact that the days are getting less light and I seem to be distracted by Early Saxons and Great Northern Wars at present.

Finally, I have updated the links on the blog to serve as an index.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Gardner Gun: Part 1

Having finished the Gatling Gun, it's time to do the Gardner. I made the mistake of assembling the Gatling before painting it but I'm not going to do that this time!

Firstly, I decided I had better clean all the parts and check them carefully. With the Gatling I threw away a small piece thinking it was just spare metal from the moulding. I still haven't replaced this bit, which is a lever of some sort, but I can make it with a bit of spare Gripping Beast spear.

So here are all the pieces. I needed to check the picture on the Perry website to see where all the bits fit. In particular, the small piece on the top right wasn't easy to place but looking at the unpainted picture of the gun I could see that it fits underneath the breech section at an angle (circled).

It's not quite as clear as the Gatling Gun. I will undercoat it tonight but I am off to Mexico for a week tomorrow so won't get any more done for a bit. It also looks like several of the crew are designed to stand with their hands on the gun so I will have to break my usual rule of separate bases.