Monday, April 30, 2007

Another order off to Perry Miniatures

I have just sent off another order off to the Perries. They usually come back pretty quickly but it doesn't matter as I still have 12 days worth of Greeks painting left! It will be nice to have the next units based up and ready to go for after that, however.

I have ordered enough figures to complete a unit of 20 of each of KRRC and Naval Brigade. So another 12 figures for each plus command packs. I also ordered one each of the Gardner and Gatling guns to complete the naval contingent. The Perries don't do the naval guns and crews used by the brigade but I am sure I can get suitable guns elsewhere and just adapt the crews.

Redoubt have a few items that might prove useful which the Perries don't make, such as their camel train carrying a screw gun, but no doubt the figures are huge. It may be easier to buy an extra gun and disassemble it to mount on some camels, as the Redoubt figures and animals are a bit crude.


Giles said...

Hi LH. Delighted to see that your Sudan blog has re-commenced. I was inspired by the Touching History game at Salute to pick up a couple of packs of Beja. Your strategy of building up large units of tribesmen before starting on the Brits is an excellent idea. I am looking forward to following your project!

Best wishes


legatushedlius said...

The Beja are really quick to paint, which is just as well as I reckon I will need about 300 figures to take on my British force!

Andy Mac said...

The Camel Train pictured in your article produced by Redoubt Enterprises is actually very nicely sculpted and fits in well with other Sudan ranges including Perry. I know this because the set pictured is one painted by me for Redoubt and I had some Perry figures along side it on my painting table.

My two pennies worth

Andy Mac

legatushedlius said...

Thanks, very helpful input!