Monday, September 07, 2009

Fourth Unit of Beja

Beja in Ambush

I'm now entering winter painting mode which means that I can't paint shading in the evening as it's all under artificial light. Currently, mornings are still OK but as I'm heading off for work at 7.00am there isn't a lot of time. So tonight I just did some work on the bases of the last five figures I need to complete my second Rub of sixty Beja for the game next Monday. They are well on the way and should be ready on time, I hope. That said I am off to see my friends in Bath on Thursday for a couple of days so will lose Thursday night, Friday and all day Saturday. Sunday is Colours in Newbury so I won't have that much time then either. It looks like my plans to finish some more camel mounted cavalry and start my field gun look doomed! Oh well, hopefully Keith, my opponent, will enjoy The Sword and the Flame and we can play regularly which will incentivise me to get more figures (including the dreaded Gordon Highlanders) done.

This unit is one I started ages ago and uses the evocative "Beja in Ambush" figures from the Perries. I gave one of the spearmen a flag from The Virtual Armchair General even though it rather gives away their position!

Anyway, this post gives me the chance to post a few of the nice period photographs of Beja sent to me by Louie Blades who must have wondered what happened to them as he sent them in April!

Note the large blade on the spear

A particularly flared kaskara scabbard.

This lot look pretty tough. It makes you realise how well the Perries sculpted their faces.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Very nice unit indeed!

The pictures are also excellent - one thing I noticed - not many coloured patches on their jibbahs (if any at all) but looks like some kind of a coloured edging in one picture... looks like my decision to stop trying to paint patches was correct... and they never looked right in 15mm... :o))

One thought - have you tried a daylight bulb for your shading issue at this time of year??

I know your a wine man, but have a pint of Pitchfork for me in the Old Green Tree - perhaps the finest beer and the finest pub in .... well, Bath certainly!

legatus hedlius said...

Yes, no patches at this time. The edging on the clothes is interesting. I suspect that the pictures of the Beja with trousers are sort of an intermediate stage between their traditional garb and what they wore in the later Sudan War when they had all shaved their heads.

I have two daylight bulbs but they still don't enable me to paint subtle shading (such as on white).

I am partial to the odd pint of beer (although my nutritionist keeps trying to ban me from it) so will seek out the Old Green Tree!

littlejohn said...

Nice unit and the pictures are really interesting as I am currently finishing a rub of Hadendowa. Thanks!

obja said...

I want to know the reference image is because there are seven people, including serious if you allow, I urge them since it kept Sunni

obja said...

i need the source and date of the image Where which seven people from the Beja and the book that has the image


legatus hedlius said...

I don't know. The pictures were sent me by someone else as I sais in my post..

obja said...

Those persons, including the Fourth has grandfather denied by their parents and Itnyen of his brothers and four of his friends, I look for them so I have fulfilled the dream of my grandfather, who died and was looking for them everywhere and has no possibility to leave out one of the mountain people and thank you sa that examined me their names or just their story and thank you

obja said...

I searched for their names everywhere, and their story because Imkanetti limited in the search and I know that Britain then the history of the world in its extensive library, which I dream that I see and read them Hence I request you to search for anything that indicates the image
Thank you and Thank you

obja said...

I want to know anything pointing me to the story and history of strain and seven persons, they left the town of Suakin between the years 1850 and in 1880, and I want anyone to read my privy to information indicating this picture, they are my grandparents

obja said...

Please tell me that anything with regard to the image of the seven people I have discussed about anything that shows them in kindly did not find anything even if I could come to Britain to be with you now Sunni
fuzzy wuzzy

legatus hedlius said...

I cannot help. These pictures were sent to me by someone in America. He got them off the internet and cannot remember where.

obja said...

Is there a link to this photo in another location in the Allante because there is a story in the seventies of the last century, says that the man claimed he was descended from the seven persons who are exiled from the city of Suakin in the era of the Turks in 1876, almost Thank you for your note short and beautiful and I dream that I will get the names of persons or where to Zhbo to visit Syria to the spirit of my grandfather, who had been searching for them until he died

legatus hedlius said...

They were from the October 1929 edition of The National Geographic Magazine, also some were from old postcards

Anonymous said...

Hi, I see that you have had some comments regarding the Beja pictures you have. I am looking at using them in a museum exhibition I am doing, part of which relates to the Mahdist revolt. Could you possibly drop me an email at to discuss off message board. Thanks and best wishes, Simon.