Monday, October 27, 2008

Painting Tartan

The uniform illustration by Michael Perry

The site which really helped me on this was:

I used quite dark colours: Humbrol 104 (Oxford blue -appropriately!) and 91 (black green). 104 is my generic dark blue for the likes of French Napoleonic infantry and ACW Union troops. 91 is the colur I use for Napoleonic British riflemen (I see the new Sharpe is on this Sunday). I used a slightly lighter green (Humbrol 30, Dark green) for the small squares and 81 (pale yellow) for the yellow lines. Normal Humbrol yellow (24 trainer yellow) was too bright.

I drew on the squares with a soft pencil, having used the Perry Uniform guide to get the scale of the squares on the kilt, and then painted with a 000 Windsor & Newton Series 7 sable brush. It needed quite alot of touching up and the rear of the kilt, with the pleats, was a nightmare as I tried to estimate where the patterns would fall.

Never mind, I will do some more on the next batch tomorrow morning now we have light evenings for a while.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Ah, but could you do it on a 15mm??! :o)) Seriously - I'm most impressed...

legatushedlius said...

I can't even see 15mm figures! Just looking at them makes my eyes hurt!

Carnehan said...

Wonderful site! Thanks for the tartan link! I am working on an Airfix 54mm Highlander and have been going crazy finding a color pic online (strangely, none of my books have a representation)