Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sudan Wargame in prospect!

I haven't painted any Sudan figures for months but I recently got an e-mail from Keith at Guidford Wargames Club (see his blog here: offering a Sudan game. I still haven't got enough figures painted (around 85 Beja and 50 British) but he has 60 Ansar and some British too so it looks like we are all go for August 24th! This will give us both time to paint some more figures. I have already dug out some Beja I had based but not undercoated for working on this weekend and I will get going on some more Highlanders too. This gives me a real incentive to move the army along! I'll be spending a couple of weeks, at least, with my wife and children (work permitting: I am trying to organise visits to Canada and Argentina so they don't clash) at the family house in Cowes for some of the school summer holiday and usually get quite a few figures done down there when we're not sailing.

I suspect it will be a fantasy Sudan battle as Keith's British figures seem to be mainly Camel Corps and mine are from the earlier battles of El Teb and Tamai but it will be great to get them onto the table for the first time. I will start the John Wilcox novel Siege of Khartoum this weekend as well, to keep me in the mood!


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Sounds pretty idyllic to me - sailing and the Sudan - and all in Cowes as well! Will you be there for the racing??

B.t.w - what rules will you use?

legatus hedlius said...

We'll be using The Sword and the Flame for the first game which I played once and really enjoyed.

Won't be racing this year although have done in X-boats in the past. My father in law is a member of the RYS so mainly we shall be sittiing on the lawn drinking Champagne and eating cucumber sandwiches!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

How the other half do live.. :o))

I have many happy memories of the only Cowes I ever managed to compete at (I sailed in Victorys at the time) - it was completely barmy, but absolutely brilliant... sigh.... it suggests I need to buy a spinny for Papillon and start practising for next year!