Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sudan War Correspondents and general update

I was just looking at the on the workbench section of the Perry Miniatures site and noticed these Sudan War correspondents. An unusual choice to say the least but I will have to get them!
Apart from the horse holder I will be able to use them for the Zulu war as well.

I have been banging on for some time about the lack of British Mounted Infantry in the range. At 1/33 I would only need 4 figures to represent the 120 or so troops so maybe that's why they haven't bothered. What I have done, though, is bought a pack each of Camel Regiment and some cavalry figures and have put the camel riders on the horses. It looks pretty good and so I will paint them up when I get back from the Gulf.

The real shock is that I have started painting four Gordon Highlanders and I have actually finished the first kilt and it looks OK! In fact I am well on the way with them and hope to finish them if not this coming weekend (I don't return from Dubai until Sunday pm) then next weekend. I am so pleased and relieved I have even based up and undercoated the next four figures! They do take ages, each kilt needs six stages of painting, so I can only face four at a time!


Anonymous said...

I HATE painting tartan-but love looking at other peoples finished product (Bill Horan, Uber-Hero!!).


Greg said...

Great Blog... embalking on a similar project, but doing units at
Tamaii.Do you know of any pictures
of the ground at Tamaii.The paintings and maps dont give a good suggestion of the lie of the terrain.

legatushedlius said...

Not aware of anything and anyway I find that photographs of battlefields rarely give any idea of the topography of the terrain, particularly for the sort of compressed terrain that wargamers need. The best illustration for wargaming board purposes remains the illustration in the Osprey campaign book Khartoum which shows the ridge and the drop off into the gulley very well.

swillicamel said...

I have just ordered some Perry miniatures 'Camel Corps' Mounted and dismounted but i lack much knowledge about 'Camel Corps'.
I was wondering if there were any small skirmishes in the Sudan involving lots of Camel Mounted troops?

Wow Gold said...

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