Monday, October 27, 2008

First Gordon Highlanders painted

Well, I have, at last finished four Gordon Highlanders (only 18 more to do). I don't think I have ever found figures so stressful to paint but now that I have done them I do feel more relaxed about the others and have even started on the next four (I don't think that I can face more than four at a time!). The tartan looks OK (from a distance) and now that I have a technique for doing it it's not such a worry. I need to work at the hose as I used colours without enough contrast so the diagonal check doesn't show at all in the pictures.
Here is the corporal; lots of character as you would expect from the Perry twins.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Crikey - those tartans must have taken you ages! How did you get such thin lines - draughtsmans pens??? Magnificent!

Giles said...

Very nice - I always find that with tartan you have to exaggerate and brighten the colours a bit, otherwise the pattern just gets lost in a generic blue/green hazem but you've avoided this and tyhe pattern is quite clear. You really can't beat some blokes in kilts!

Keith said...

How is the force coming along?
Fancy a game one monday evening with them? Im just finishing off 60 ansars for colonial adventures. Ive some brits so I could add. pics soon to be on my blog